Punctual payments.
On the house.
Never miss a payment again. If your credit
card expires or there's a hiccup with your
primary funding source, we'll automatically
deduct funds from the secondary funding
source in your wallet.
Put your payments
on autopilot.
Use PayPal to pay for your monthly bills and
subscriptions. The payments will be automatically
deducted from your PayPal account.
Pay Your Bills with PayPal
Go to your provider's website and set up
PayPal as your preferred way to pay.
We'll make your payment on your behalf
and email you when the transaction is complete.
Opt into push notifications in the PayPal app, and we'll send an alert to your mobile device when the transaction is complete.
  What's in it for you.
Set up automatic payments in a flash.
Keep track of your bills and purchases in one place.
Easily update your billing information.
Avoid the hassle of updating all your subscriptions.
Pay securely – with the security you expect from PayPal.
Pay any way you please. Use your bank account,
debit card or credit card.
Pay like a pro at all your favorite places.
For your bills and subscriptions
  Netflix Ancestry.com Skype Angie's List  
  Weightwatchers Microsoft match.com hulu plus  
For your frequent purchases
  ProFlowers Starbucks Fandango petco  
  Zulily Walmart snapfish Hautelook  

Sometimes it's nice to be a little pushy.

Opt into PayPal App push notifications and you'll get updates when payments post to your account.
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